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Jakes Barbers

Birmingham, West Midlands

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Visit by appointment or just drop in to see one of our Vidal Sassoon trained stylists.
Jakes Barbers
Jakes Barbers
Jakes Barbers
Phone: +44 121 212 2231
Open hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays: 10am - 6pm
Address: Birmingham, 50-54 St.Paul’s Square, Hockley, B3 1QS
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loading... Birmingham, 50-54 St.Paul’s Square, Hockley, B3 1QS
  1. Andrew Good 2017/03/12

    Hi, Debi has just asked us to help them find a quality Pet Groomer in Swaythling, City of Southampton. We’re now contacting local professionals on their behalf, and if you respond quickly there’s a strong chance you’ll secure the business. It’s free to do so, and there’s no obligation to continue using our service in future. Take a look at Debi’s request below and, if you can help, click the following link to contact them directly. Contact Debi now: Client details: Debi Pet Grooming - Swaythling, City of Southampton Debi has made their phone number available. We will make it available to you when you send your first message. Project details: What kind of pet needs grooming?: Dog - Small How many animals is this for?: 2 How often do you need Pet Grooming?: A few times a year Which kinds of Pet Grooming would you consider?: A service where the groomer comes to my home What grooming services do you need?: Bath & Dry, Ear cleaning, Fragrance spray, Cutting Which day(s) is your pet available for grooming?: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Estimated value: Based on similar requests, we gave Debi the following price guide: Most customers spent between: £25 - £40 Premium services may be more than: £80 However, we've made it clear that all jobs are different and that they will receive custom estimates from pros. Reply now: What is Bark? Bark is a lead generation service. Customers tell us what they’re looking for and we put them in touch with great companies like yours to help get the job done. Join today and you’ll be able to contact your first customer on us. After that, there’s no commission, no monthly fee – and everything you make with us is yours to keep. We’ll send you information about new customers for free, and you can simply pick and choose the ones that work best for you. Why have we contacted you? We believe your company can help Debi with their project, and we’d like to put you two in touch. They’ve asked us to find a great local Pet Groomer, and if you respond right away there’s a strong chance you’ll secure the business. Contact Debi now: If you’d like any help with this, please call 020 7117 2656 (9am-6pm Mon-Fri) or email and we'll be happy to assist. Many thanks, Andrew Good If don't want to hear from us again when new customers are looking for services in your area click here:

  2. Symon 2013/03/20

    Always a pleasure to go here. Whilst not needing much styling these days, it's always good to get a trim whilst catching up with the local news from Gary or Colin. A great service all round. Thanks

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