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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Name service: Laser Hair Removal
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Drop the razor and think laser! Hair free is the way forward….

Here at Unwanted Tattoos We offer laser hair removal with the best results, using Super Hair Removal IPL Lasers.. In comparison to other dated laser and IPL methods, SHR provides safer, faster and painless hair reduction treatments offering permanent hair removal that is side-effect free at Birmingham area. Our laser technology treats all skin and hair types, something that dated laser and IPL methods can’t.

There are many areas that SHR IPL can treat

– Face treatments:
Forehead, Nose, Lip, Cheeks, Chin, Ears

– Upper body treatments:
Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Abdomen, Back, Arms, Hands, Fingers

– Lower body treatments:
Bikini line, Brazillian, Hollywood, Legs, Feet, Toes

How does Super Hair Removal IPL work?

The SHR IPL lasers use a vast amount of heat to destroy the hair follicles and ensure permanent removal. The hair follicles are gently heated through the stem cells and melanin, producing a warm tingling sensation, often described by clients as no more than a soft massage. In comparison to dated laser and IPL methods, our new technology uses the least amount of power in shots, eliminating any risk of pain during lasering. Transmission gel is applied to the area you desire and the SHR IPL laser glides along softly in motion working its laser magic. Each laser hair removal treatment lasts between 20-60 minutes depending on the size of the desired area.

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